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“Inspiring Tomorrow” Global Partner Conference 2015

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Ericsson-LG Enterprise held 15th Global Partner Conference (GPC) in Guilin, China from October  26h to 29th to share the company’s vision and celebrate the successes of global partners with the theme “Inspiring Tomorrow”.


More than 120 people of overseas partners from all over the world including Ericsson-LG Enterprise staff and executive management in an effort to share the company’s vision and strategy for 2015 and showcase technology and innovation intended to keep up in a rapidly changing market environment. The participants also had diverse opportunities to share their experiences amongst themselves through conference sessions including welcome reception cocktail party and a gala dinner and awards ceremony.


During the GPC 2015 finale, gala dinner, various awards were presented including the Global Partner of the Year Award which was won by the Aria Technologies Australia and the Excellent performance  Partner of the year which was won by Vertical Communications (US). Other notable winners include Pragma (UK) as the Innovator’s Accelerator of the year,  Atlas Gentech (New Zealand) & Aria Technologies Australia & Bezeq International as the Sales and Marketing Innovator of the year. Finally, all the participants celebrated retirement of Mr. Jae-Ryung Lee, the former President of Ericsson-LG Enterprise.


Mr. Jae-Ryung Lee said, “We have increased continuously our business value and jumped for more promising future for our partners & customers. We have changed to be an Enterprise solution vendor who provides values for our customers’ satisfaction. We hope this GPC could be the start of inspiration for tomorrow ” 

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