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GPC 2016 - “Transforming Together”

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Ericsson-LG Enterprise held its annual Global Partner Conference (GPC) 2016 in Bangkok, Thai-land  from November.2nd to November.5th where 113  people attended from all over the world representing 30 countries.

The theme of this year’s event was “Transforming Together” and delegates were presented with opportunities to learn about Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s vision and strategy and hear success sto¬ries from their peers around the world. Other conference highlights included a Keynote addresses from Ericsson-LG Enterprise management,  and expert sessions provided by cooperation be¬tween Ericsson-LG Enterprise staffs and partners enabled partners and resellers to learn about the latest market trends including cloud, analytics and value-added applications and the in¬creased opportunities we are facing.  The participants continued networking and sharing on busi¬ness ideas through not only formal sessions but also casual discussions at iPECS Lounge and Demo room.

During the gala dinner, GPC 2016 finale, awards were presented to those Ericsson-LG partners who have shown outstanding performance in 2016. Pragma Distribution (UK) won the most hon­orable award - Global Partner of the Year Award. Other notable winners include Aria Technolo­gies Australia (Australia) as the Asia Pacific & Africa Partner of the year, Promelit Communication System (Italy) as the European Partner of the year and Vertical Communications (USA) as the Americas partner of the year.

Patrick Johansson, CEO of Ericsson-LG Enterprise, said, “I saw and felt  the positive energy at the GPC. It was fantastic event like melting pot contains vision & strategy, discussion & network­ing and sharing business ideas. I believe all of these will become a dynamic force for our busi­ness transformation journey. Transforming Together! ”

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