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Excellence award from TTA on iPECS UCP fully IP distributed product

Created Date 15.12.07 | View 3068

Ericsson-LG Enterprise was awarded an excellence prize on UCP fully IP distributed product from TTA, korean telecommunications standardization and type approval agency. TTA evaluated more than 900 products this year and selected only 8 excellent products based on its creativity, marketability and technology. This will help our sales and marketing in Korean and global markets too.

■ Award background

Excellent products are selected among certified products by TTA in 2015. And they annually give awards to those vendors. This year, 8 products were selected from among more than 900 certified products. And the iPECS UCP has been awarded as the Excellence Award. This great news will have good impacts on domestic & international sales.

※ iPECS UCP is Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s unified communications platform designed to meet SMB and Enterprise communications needs. 

■ Award title : TTA Testing and Certification Award (Excellence Award)

■ Supervision  : TTA (Telecommunications Technology Association)

TTA is the government-affiliated organization of enacting information and communication standards in Korea, and also carries out the testing & certification of products. 

■ Award ceremony date : December 3, 2015

■ Award ceremony place : TTA main building in Bundang

■ Evaluation criteria : Marketability, Creativity, and Technicality

■ The award details : A prize of one million won($ 1,000) and plaque

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